What is setup?

Netgear wireless rang extenders are of great use if we want to extend the Wi-Fi range of existing Wi-Fi router all around our home. But, before using the Netgear wireless range extender, we need to set it up with our existing home Wi-Fi router. We could setup the Netgear wireless rang extender either using the wireless protected setup (WPS) or web browser setup. For automatic configuration, we should go with wireless protected setup (WPS) and for the manual setup we should use the web browser setup. We could say the web browser setup as a setup. setup

We could also call the web browser setup as the setup. Because while using the web browser setup, we have to connect any our Wi-Fi device to the Wi-Fi network of Netgear wireless range extender. Then, we need to open any web browser or that Wi-Fi device and we have to put on the address bar of that browser. After putting the, we have to search it. That’s why we also called the web browser setup as the because we have o open while using the web browser setup.

Steps to follow on the setup

After that, we would be on a page where we will see a New extender setup button. We have to click on that button and then, we have to create an account with Netgear so we could start the Setup process. So, we have to fill our name, email and choose a password for the Netgear account. After that, the setup process will get started and we have to select the Wi-Fi network that we want to extend. So here, we have to select our home Wi-Fi router name. Then we have to choose a Network name or SSID for the Wi-Fi network that would be extended by the Netgear wireless rang extender. At last we have to choose the password for that network.

Last step of

At last, we have to click on the Apply Settings option. Then, it will take up to two minutes to apply all the settings. After two minutes, we have to place the Netgear wireless rang extender in a right location from where it could receive and send Wi-Fi signals without interruption. Ideally, the best position to place the Netgear wireless rang extender is hallway between the point where our wifi router is and the point where we are having problems in Wi-Fi signal reception.