FAQCategory: QuestionsI can’t access www.mywifiext.net; what do I do?
Jhon asked 8 months ago

When i am tying to login its showing error.

mywifiext Staff replied 3 months ago

The NetGear wireless extender products are crappy and will give you a hard time with initial configuration sometimes. I’ve had my netgear extender quit on me at least 20 times, and one of these actions will usually fix it.

First make sure the computer is connected to the netgear router via a cat-5 cable and cat-5 lights are blinking.

Restart the computer and the Netgear wireless extender.
Factory reset using paperclip to hold down 15 seconds until you see an orange flashing icon.
Navigate to its internal default IP address
Restarting the browser and try using different browsers.
Visit mywifiext.com instead of mywifiext.net. This works sometimes.
Making sure the computer has no other path to connect to the internet.
Let the device be powered up for a few minutes and try restarting the computer.
Hopefully you still have your receipt… I suggest returning this crappy product. For me it quits extending internet around once a month and I have to do the above steps. What ultimately fixed my problem is I chucked it into the trash.