Is there any difference between wifi Netgear wifi booster and extender?

As we know, internet has become an important aspect of our day to day lives. whether it’s an official work, online shopping, entertainment and many others things, we all need a strong internet connection and Wi-Fi. With the help of Wi-Fi, we could use internet from anywhere inside our home. But sometimes our router is not strong or capable of generating Wi-Fi signals that could cover our entire home with strong Wi-Fi signals. It could be due to the router itself or due to the size and shape of our home. Under these conditions, we should use a Netgear Wi-Fi booster or extender to cover our entire house with strong Wi-Fi signals.

No Difference between the Netgear Wi-Fi booster and extender

A Netgear wireless range extender or a booster is used to increase the weak Wi-Fi range of our existing home Wi-Fi router. The Netgear booster and extender are both the same. There is no difference between them. Both of the terms are used to describe a device which is used to increase the Wi-Fi range of weak home Wi-Fi router. A booster will boost the weak Wi-Fi signal and extender will increase the range of weak Wi-Fi signal. So, technically both are doing the same work. That s increasing the strength of wifi signal of home Wi-Fi router to reach throughout our home.

How Netgear extender works?

To use a Netgear wireless range extender, we need to set it up first with our home Wi-Fi router. TO do that we could easily follow the web browser setup or wireless protected setup (WPS). Once the setup will get completed the Netgear wireless range extender will start working. The netgear wireless range extender will receive weak signals from the home Wi-Fi router and will amplify or boost those weak signals to reach deep inside our home. That means, once the signals are extended by the Netgear wireless range extender we could use the Wi-Fi from anywhere inside our home.

Placement is important for boosting and extending Wi-Fi signals

The Netgear wireless range extender would not be bale to boost or extend the Wi-Fi signals if, it would not be placed in a right location. Ideal location to place the Netgear wireless extender would be midway from the point where our router is and the point where we are having the Wi-Fi signal receptions problem. Once the Netgear extender will be placed like that it would start boosting and extending Wi-Fi signals all around our home.