Am not able to open on any browser?

To increase the Wi-Fi range of our existing Wi-Fi router, we could usually install a Netgear wireless range extender with it. Once installed, we get a consistent Wi-Fi signal everywhere inside our home. But, to install a Netgear wireless range extender with our wifi router, we have to set it up first. We could setup […]

What type of devices can I use with Netgear extender?

  We always face problems with our Wi-Fi signal reception if, we are living in a large home or we our using a weak router. As a result, we are not able to use internet and we face problems while using the high-end services over the internet. By using a Netgear wireless range extender, we […]

What is the default IP address of Netgear extender and what’s its use?

Every networking device we use like a router, extender, switch or any other, each of it have a default IP address assigned to it from its manufacturer. We could change that IP address later on if we want to after setting up that particular device. The Netgear wireless range extender do have its own default […]

Is there any software or CD setup for Netgear extender?

  There were times when we needed a software or a CD to setup our routers and extenders. Buts after setting up our routers and extenders, we used to lose the CDs and when in future, we try to set up the Wi-Fi devices again, we were not able to find the CDs. That was […]

Is accessing internet through Netgear Wireless extender is secure?

  The Netgear wireless range extenders are always manufactured by using the latest hardware and software technologies. No matter, what type of Netgear wireless range extender we use, it will always be equipped with latest features and specifications. Whether it is a wireless standard or a security standard, the Netgear wireless range extender will always […]

Netgear WN3000RPV1 Extender

WiFi Range Extender 802.11n, 1-Port, Wall-plug, External Antennas Turn Dead Zones Into Connected Corners Move around with your mobile devices and keep them connected by giving your existing WiFi coverage a boost. This small, easy-to-install wall-plug WiFi range extender also creates new WiFi connectivity for up to 1 wired device like a Smart TV, Blu-ray […]

Netgear WN2500RP Extender

WiFi Range Extender 802.11n, Dual Band, 4-port, Desktop Your WiFi Now Faster and Farther Not only can you extend the reach of your dual band WiFi network, you can connect up to 4 wired devices wirelessly. 4 ports enable you to connect everything from a Blu-ray player to a Smart TV or game console to […]

Netgear WN2000RPTV3 Extender

WN2000RPTv3 is a Wireless-N extender that is capable of removing dead Wi-Fi spots. This device can extend the wireless network outside the range of your existing wireless network. It has a maximum of 300Mbps connection speed, depending on the router.

Netgear WN1000RP Extender

WiFi Booster for Mobile Devices 802.11n, Ideal for Smartphones & Tablets More Mobility for your Mobile Devices Give your WiFi a boost and stay connected with smartphones and tablets as you move around your home. Lower your monthly bills by using better WiFi instead of your mobile data plans. It’s easy. Model: WN1000RP Go Ahead…Move […]